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Exterior Home Window Cleaning

Our technicians are fully trained to provide the best possible exterior home window cleaning service for you. We use 60-foot water-fed poles, which allow us to reach the toughest spots without the use of ladders. Not only does this ensure employee safety, but it prevents any damage that would otherwise be caused by leaning ladders on your house.

The water we use is fed through a four-stage filtration system that purifies to zero mineral, zero sediments and zero parts per million. The water is so clean that it eliminates any need to dry your windows after we finish scrubbing and rinsing them.

Exterior Window Cleaning
Exterior Home Window Cleaning

Deep Screen Cleaning

Window Screen Cleaning

Our screen cleaning machine has a system of bristles that run along the inside of the machine. The bristles dislodge any sediment, pollen, bugs, or dirt that a typical dusting would leave behind and a water line flushes everything away.

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At Lemonade Window Cleaning we come from a history of 25 years in the industry of exterior home window cleaning. All of our workers are insured, uniformed and professional. We work with Homeowner Associations and their members to ensure guidelines and expectations are met.

We guarantee every window we clean and return free of charge for complaints. When we service a community we put together custom quotes for multiple units as well as monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual cleanings. Our commercial and residential departments work together to coordinate larger contracts and jobs with HOAs. Contact either to get started with a quote for you or your community!

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Exterior Window Cleaning

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