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Commercial Window Cleaning

Our technicians are trained and insured professionals who are ready to help property managers and business owners with their commercial window cleaning needs. Our services are available on a scheduled basis at reduced rates to help maintain crystal clear windows all year-round. We work with a range of businesses, colleges, retirement homes, HOA’s and property owners to build long-term relationships for their window cleaning needs.

Exterior Window Washers

Exterior Window Cleaning

At Lemonade Window Cleaning, we offer the best price and safest way to clean your exterior windows. Our vehicles come equipped with all the tools needed to quickly and efficiently wash each window. The custom four-stage water filtration system purifies the water we use, which prevents the need to dry the windows by hand.

The water-fed pole system we use keeps us from leaning ladders on your building. Not only does this keep our technicians safe and on the ground, but it also prevents us from causing any damage to your establishment. Our employees are all trained to use extra caution around any products, decorations, and furniture when cleaning windows above.

Commercial Exterior Window Cleaning

Additional Services

Deep Screen Cleaning

Our screen cleaning machines flush our filtered water through a system of bristles. This system helps to dislodge any sediment, pollen, bugs, or dirt that a typical dusting leaves behind.

Window Screen Cleaning
Office Building

Colleges and Commercial Institutions

Our water-fed poles set up can reach up to 5 stories high, making it easy to clean areas on campus that would typically be done with ladders, or lifts. Our employees are polite, clean-cut, and sharply outfitted in our Lemonade attire, so they are immediately recognizable.


At Lemonade Window Cleaning we come from a history of 25 years in the industry. All of our workers are fully bonded, insured, uniformed and professional. We work with Homeowner Associations and their members to ensure guidelines and expectations are met.

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