Thank You Del Webb Community!

Thank you to Del Webb Orlando for being such amazing customers! We are continuing to offer our $68 Community Pricing for all exterior window cleaning in your area! If you missed the last round you can call 1-844-547-7377 or book online at #delwebb #lemonadewindowcleaning #cleanersaferbetter

Posted by Lemonade Window Cleaning on Monday, November 11, 2019

Thank You Del Webb Community and Davenport:

Hey Everybody, this is Chris Stoness from Lemonade Window Cleaning. This is a special video for the people of Del Webb Orlando, which is just outside Davenport. I just wanted to say thank you Del Webb community for inviting us into your community and letting us clean your windows.

We’ve done about 25 homes in the Del Webb complex and we’re hoping to do a lot more. Bringing our value window cleaning to your area. One thing that really works for us in associations like yours is our community pricing structure where 10 or more homes book in from one area and we offer a substantial discount. We offer $68 Exterior Window Cleaning and that really is symbiotic. It helps the customer get a more affordable option and it also really helps us as an organization to work with multiple customers in one small area like that. So thank you Del Webb for taking advantage of our community pricing.. If you did miss out on the first round, we are still offering that $68 for all exterior windows pricing to anyone within the Del Webb/Davenport area. So it’s not too late to give us a call. You can give us a call or go online to and email us through the website.

Shout Outs:

I do have a couple reviews here that I want to share. Thank you to our technicians for doing such a great job. Josh, we got a review from Susanne in Del Webb that says: Extremely impressed with the professionalism shown on her property.

And then Dennis and Sue as well in Del Webb, just wanted to let us know what a great job Drake did.

So thank you to Drake and Josh for being such great representatives of our business. And thank you to Del Webb Orlando for taking us up on our $68 community pricing. So once again, if you’re seeing this video and want to get your exterior windows clean absolutely give us a ring and we’ll be able to come and get that done for you. $68 for anyone in the Del Webb area.

Thank you Del Webb community.

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