Thank You Tampa and Saint Petersburg

Thank You Tampa, Clearwater and St.Petersburg!

Thank You Tampa, Clearwater and St.Petersburg,We could not be where we are without your support! Here's our founder and CEO talking about how grateful we are for the opportunity to provide affordable clean windows for years to come.

Posted by Lemonade Window Cleaning on Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Thank You Tampa and Saint Petersburg and Clearwater:

Hey Everybody, this is Chris Stoness, founder and CEO of Lemonade Window Cleaning. Just wanted to make a quick video to say Thank You. Thank you Tampa and Saint Petersburg and Clearwater for making us feel so at home.

We started our chapter in Tampa about two months ago and at this point we’ve cleaned about 100 homes in the area. With many more scheduled to be cleaned in the coming weeks, once again, we just wanted to say “Thanks”. You may have heard my voice on the radio telling you that we clean all the exterior windows on any home up to 2800 sqft for $98.

That is the absolute truth and on top of that we have some other deals when people book in multiples it saves us time, so we can reduce the price. The way it works is $98 standard pricing for any home up to 2800sqft. If you book in with a neighbor or friend you both can save $10 each. This is called the good neighbor discount and that’s $88 for exterior windows.

We also have special pricing for HOAs and condominiums. If 10 or more people in an area want to book in for the same day we can clean all your exterior windows for $68. It’s a game changer in the industry. $68 flat rate exterior window cleaning. We have clients getting their windows cleaned monthly because it’s created a fair value proposition in the industry.

Shout Outs:

Also, I wanted to take a minute to read a couple reviews and give some shout outs and say thank you.

We have Toni, who says: “Great service, affordable rates, definitely a fan!” Toni booked in for the $68 community pricing.

We also have Dennis and Sue wanting to let us know: “You did such a great job, your technician Drake was extremely professional.” Shout out to Drake, and Thank You to Dennis and Sue.

If you want to get your windows cleaned there is an affordable option. Lemonade Window Cleaning, right there on the hat. We’re gonna show up in our pink shirts, do an amazing job and clean all the windows on the outside of your home for under $100.

Hopefully this is something we can continue to grow. Again, Thank You Tampa and Saint Petersburg and Clearwater for welcoming us to your community. We look forward to cleaning your windows!

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